Marble Wonderland - Manila

Jan 23, 2014

Yours truly had the opportunity to be chosen as of the the guest bloggers to cover Marble Wonderland last January 17 at Movie Stars Cafe in Pasay City. 

Marble Wonderland, presented by Asia kawaii way, showcases the ever growing Japanese kawaii culture and the general culture of fashion, anime and cosplay as they travel across Asia to spread the love.  
VIP treatment lol 
We were greeted by their Top guests dance duo Miume and 217 with their powerful dance routine and later on joined by Alodia as she graced the stage with her beautiful Kimono ensemble. now that's an opening.

 Alodia Sister Contest
One of the main highlight of the event is the quest for Alodia's Sister. There were a lot of auditionees and as I have been told there were even last minute walk in contestants on that day itself. 
Here are some of the contestants.
This is ms Kim Minna, a young Korean girl with a Filipino heart danced her way on the talent portion. In this photo, Host Rhiana of Animax and Alodia asked the contestants what is Kawaii for them. 
One of the contestants in her amazing Erza cosplay from the series Fairy Tail.
I actually applaud her for surviving the catwalk in those heavy wings. The stage was really tricky, I was half excited and half nervous for ther during her stint.
The last contestant is Lou and her amazing voice enchanted the whole cafe. 

The three of them are actually the runner ups, winning 10,000 Pesos each!

This photo captured how adorable these girls are. Mina misheard the announcements and she didn't realized the she actually won runner up. so kawaii >.<

But who bagged the grand prize then?
Meet Rae... 

Rae went up on stage in her genius ensemble of a genderbent version of Eddward Elric from the series Full Metal Alchemist as she sang the opening song from the same series "Again" by Yui. 
Her charisma and talent made her the grand prize.
Here's Alodia and Rhiana awarding her the 50,000 pesos certificate and she also won a contract under Marble wonderland as one of the Kawaii girl representative on their various media promotions and exposures!

 Special Performances
Mimi is one of my friends so I was excited to see her perform on stage.  
Cosplay guests, Jia Gold, Mimi and Kristell in their final stage. 

Next was Myrtle Sarrosa, She is a known cosplayer and a local tv personality. She looks amazing now, I kinda knew her way before she entered the entertainment industry and I can say that being in the show business gave her confidence and improved her singing talent. 
Miume and 217 went back for their final stage performance and I really enjoyed their dance. I mean their dance is not easy, I've seen their videos on youtube before and seeing them dance live is exciting to see. I have friends who are odorite fans and I follow a few Japanese dancers too so I'm quite familiar with their community, odorite dancers grew and became famous outside Japan and even reached Philippines. This just shows that their culture is slowly reaching us. influencing us. 

 Kawaii Girl

For the Finale, Alodia performed Marble Wonderland's theme song  "Kawaii Girl".
Her performance was true to her song and is just plain adorable. 
It doubled the cuteness, when she picked up this little girl named Ashley to come up on stage as they sing along. The song's chorus was fairly easy to follow this moment made this number priceless.

Quick Trivia: Ashley is cosplaying Babydoll from the movie Sucker Punch, which Alodia also cosplayed some time ago. maybe that's why Alodia noticed her right away. 

They finally wrapped up the event by calling out all of their guests and and event the contestants to gratefully thank everyone who made the event possible.
I really enjoyed the event. It was packed with performances, good food (seriously guys you should go and eat sometime at Movie Stars Cafe for their food. it's really good), Good hosts, there was no dead air. I applaid Asia Kawaii Way for doing a good job and also thank them for bringing marble Wonderland here in Philippines. i do hope for for related events and maybe next year a bigger venue and more activities? do I hear a yes? hahaha

I would also like to thank CNPH and Sir Romeo for inviting me to this event! o/

so what I wore?
photo by Sese
When I got home, I immediately photographed my loots.
I got a pair of contact lenses from Tutti Color lenses, Nailista nail sticker deco, (I'm definitely using this when I cosplay Sheryl nome *wink wink*, A pinky ring and packs of Pure Smile face mask from Asia Kawaii way
These are all legit Japanese products so i'm really excited. You must be askign now, where can I get those?!
Actually last january 17 is also the launch of these products locally. They are now available via Hallo Hallo Mall under the shop name "Asia Kawaii Way".

See yah next event! /o/

//all of the photos are by me unless stated so. Please do not use without my permission.//


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