CnBlue | Bluemoon in Manila

Jun 25, 2013

I was super excited for this. Me and my friends were in CnBlue mode even though we haven't bought our tickets yet haha. We went to two events, the first one was at their open press conference. I think it's the first this ever happened. They usually have their presscons at their respective hotels, privately.
So having the conference live in open for free is something the fans went wild on, especially for those who can't watch the concert. 

Being at the event area waaay before the actual activity (2pm) is a normal thing for fans.
I was there at mall opening (10am) and the line was already crazy long. I didn't opt to go to the activity area itself. I don't wanna be a crushed fanboy by the end of the day. So we saved a spot on the next floor up instead for a better view.

There were games and thr prizes were concert tickets! O.O
The boys looked really good though they looked tired (They just arrived from Korea) they still greeted us in there best energy! The presscon left us daydreaming. LOL

Waiting for almost 5 hours and seeing them for 30 minutes. is worthwhile coz we were very close...

Night of the concert.

Do the "Yonghwa Dance"
Yonghwa dancing = me dead 

It was also an awesome opprtunity for fans to greet Yonghwa for his upcoming birthday (June 22).
We were impressed by the preparation of the fanclubs in showing their greetings.

You can really see the joy on their faces. I think they really enjoyed how crazy Filipino KPOP fans are!
We party'd the night away as we sing and danced along the show. Screaming our lungs dry XD 
What an OSM night with Team KerKer!

We also blog our KPOP adventures on our tumblr

and speaking of KerKer, we are now in preparation of our group shop shoowcasing one of a kind statement shirts designed by us! just keepo those Kerker radars on!
What I wore?
Denim hoodie from Singapore | Markus printed pants | Backback from Hong Kong | Lace-up boots

'til next KPOP adventures!


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