Visual Music Carnival 2 PressCon

Apr 12, 2013

To formally announce the event, Visual Music Carnival 2 held their press conference yesterday at the Plantation bar and restaurant in Makati. As ambassadors for the Harajuku Fashion Walk, we were invited to join the conference and introduce the activity we are representing. 
Meet the ambassadors Justine Chantelle(Lolita), Me(Mori) and Kidd(Visual Kei)
The decora girls Jin and Neji were't able to come but they will be present on the event itself.

Kat Taylor(Saydie) and Justine explaining the activities to expect on the event.
Our turn in front of the Camera I didn't say a word I was nervous as fak haha)
(we were surprised to see MYX and HeroTV there, so expect our faces on their channels soon LOL)

To let you know more about the event, VMC celebrates the visual appreciation of thing, that is why they call the event a carnival - Colorful, fun anf exciting. Also this event to dedicated to our Hearing impaired friends as the proceeds will go directly to help them communicate efficiently using VRS(Video Relay Service).

Visual Music Carnival will not only feature popular local bands like Slapshock, Saydie, Paramita and more but will also hold Filipino Jrock bands, lolita contests, fun activities like bungee jumping and zombie chase. Guess what!? Your entrance ticket equals to a raffle entry for an iPad mini!

and of course our Harajuku Fashion Walk that will happen later in the afternoon.
Are your coordinates ready?
Mine is still under mental debate about which goes with what hahaha
Forestale announced that they will provide a special freebie to those who will join the walk wearing any Forestale product! I am also pre-selling tickets feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter to reserve!
See you everyone next week!
After the presscon, we went outside for a while to take some outfit snapshots
Forest Puppet Boy and Dorotee Sweetips in one photo!
Firmoo eyewear | Forestale lace collar and necklace
Silk printed scarf, gift | Textured buttondown shirt
Inverted Commas Blowing Fashion totebag |  Catherine Jannelle furtail
Tattered canvass shorts | Suede lace-up boots
photo by Justine


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