What Time is It? | 2PM Live in Manila

Mar 6, 2013

What Time Is It? 2pm World Tour
March 2, 2013 | MOA Arena
Just chillin' at our premiere suite :3
Originally we were just at the Gen Ad area, but luck and blessing came down and it gave us premiere suite access haha Thank you Lord for spoiling our fandom lol
This is how you wait before the concert starts hahaha  
derping around, because we were early, well VIP priveleges LOL
When the concert started The whole arena just came to life and spazzing fans are our of control hahahha 
*points at self*

One of the reasons why I envy those who can afford VIP tix.
EXTREME close encounters! and 2PM is really good at fanservice /o/
*tears hair* 

Having a glass of cocktail during the concert LOL

This is during their (crazy) Encore performance
After the show, we stayed for while to finish our food and drinks.
Man it was crazy! I think I won't get over this after a week or so. we were really close! and in our place everytime the spotlight hits us, They can see us from the stage! hahaha
It was a little disappointing though that the Arena wasn't sold out compared to Big Bang's Alive tour last year (well, that's BB of course) But I think 2PM still enjoyed themselves judging from their crazy energy, and Our endless screaming really boosted them up LOL Seeing them perform live is jdhgag;ang;pakmfklsgjkndknkbj
Filipino fans are one of the wildest audience.  
Manila is one of the many cities 2PM will visit for their World tour!
The three of us just created a new tumblr account for our KPOP fandom
"Because there's no coming out alive the K-blackhole"

If you want more photos fropm this concert and other shows visit our tumblog :3 We will be posting original content from our various kpop encountes. and also some little reblogs from sites we love. 
What I wore
PEG: Jonghyun of Shinee lololol
inspired byu their comeback I intended to wear plaid on plaid for fun XD

'til next spazz-worthy adventures!


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