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Aug 30, 2014

I travel a lot and in those journeys you will see the different sides of life and poverty. In these rural areas they don't have a high paying 9-5 office work, they are either laborers, farmers, etc. The families in these provinces need help even in the most simple way possible.

These outreach project is developed and supported by travelers who witnessed these children's situations first hand. I myself support the project and I hope you will too.

The children of Cagbalete Island and Quirino province are in need of slippers. You can donate at least a pair of slippers (preferably sizes for children age 6-12 years old) and they will be delighted to receive them as your Christmas Gift. Various travelers and mountaineers are willing to hike all they way down to these places to personally give your donations.

Giving is easy. please contact
Marshi Dinglasan 0915 575 5889

Thank You

Travel | Sariaya, Quezon

Aug 27, 2014

Ever had a feeling of just wanting to go somewhere.. like anywhere?
well, that exactly happened to me and 2 of my other friends.
Initially we planned to go to Bolinao, Pangasinan but since we didn't plan this trip ahead we weren't able to get a decent bus schedule. and since it was holiday season, bus terminals were jam packed.
So we hussled and replanned everything. we then though of Lucena, Quezon. (which is complete on the  opposite side of pangasinan haha) and thanks to 3g internet, we googled random places and finalized Quezon province. So we looked for available buses at various terminals to the point of spending most of the day terminal jumping.

We lost hope getting a decent ride so we went home first, bunked in at our friends house just to get the night's sleep and decided to just go back in the morning thinking that there will be lesser people.
We were wrong. 
The terminals were still filled with people. 
In one of the terminals there was an available van ride for hurrying commuters. of course it was almost 100% more expensive but what the heck. We just want to leave already.
we just wanted to go anywhere.
in our exact words.
"kahit saan basta may dagat!" (anywhere as long as there's a beach!)

After almost 5-6 hours of painful buttocks inducing van ride. 
We reached Sariaya, one of Quezon's prime municipalities. We hailed a local jeepney going to Guis Guis beach and then rode another til we reach the resort areas.
We arrived really late so we just got ourselves a decent cottage, ate dinner and slept for the night.

aaand it's morning.
We woke up at around 6am. feeling the seaside breeze while eating taho(sweetened) tofu.
beaches before sunrise is really eerie.

Fresh faces in the morning! 

Watching the sunrise by the beach is really magical. it definitely is worth waking up early!
and the warm tone of the sunrise makes every photo so perfect!
fresh watermelons!
Spent the rest of the days beach bumming, eating, swimming, and more eating.

Here's a look of our little cottage. We didn't get the enclosed ones coz this feels more "vacationy" (it's a lot cheaper). and who doesn't want to sleep inside a bamboo hut?!

We stayed at the resort for almost 3 days. Yes we were that crazy. 
Basically beach bumming on loop. We survived by having food done by the resort people.
This has got to be one of my most random trips so far!
Spontaneity is both my virtue and vice.

Come to Guis Guis beach guys!
Sariaya, Quezon Province
Philippines 2014

Travel | Cebu - Kawasan Falls

Aug 26, 2014

Kawasan falls is a series of falls in Badian, Cebu.
We rented a minibus from the resort and traveled at around 30-45 minutes.
From the main entrance, you will need to trek to get to the main fall.
The area is fully set up for vacationers featuring stores, rooms, cottages and tables (for rent), showers and changing rooms and lifeguards. For non-swimmers you can ask for a life vest coz most parts near the falls are really deep. even though I i know how to swim i still got the vest for safety and because i really want to go near the fall curtain. 

You can ask for a raft ride across the "pool" for 300php. Which will go around and under the falls.
Get ready for a ice cool natural shower body massage! haha
After eating lunch we decided to head up for the other falls.
The trek is fairly easy even for kids just observe caution since you will be walking on slippery mud trails.
There are bamboo handrails and bridges for safety.

The water everywhere is so clear. <3 p="">
The highest fall area is one of my favorite. 
It resembles an infinity pool overlooking another fall below.

Kawasan falls is a must-go when you're in Cebu! 
Perfect for bonding with family and friends.
learn more about it HERE
'til next trip!

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