Travel | The Devil's Mountain

Nov 11, 2015

Mt. Cristobal AKa the Devil's Mountain is one of the sought after climbs for local mountaineers because it was said to be mystical and had been closed to the public for years.
When we learned that t was opened my Happyfeet Adventours team went ahead and planned a dayhike.

summary of my being during the hike haha The trail is mostly composed of continuous assaults. What saved us from further exhaustion was the tall trees that provided shade from the sun and the cool weather.

Lunch time at the campsite. There are many campsite options for over-nighters.

This photo is one of my favorite shots the whole day. I had to stop my friend while she was trekking ahead me because the light hit her so nice. 
I post my adventure photos and videos on my Facebook. So check them there out as well. 

The eco-structure of Mt. Cristobal is eerie because of the tall, mossy trees that somewhat jumped off a Tim Burton movie. It's both scenic and creepy. 

On the way to the summit, this maze like trail engulfed us. The grass were tall and a little itchy. good this I was fully clothed then. 

At the end of the maze, you will reach the summit. Too bad t was cloudy that day and we weren't able to check the view. I would love to go back on a summer though to get to see the skylne but I hearned that they closed it again. :( Soon!
'til next climb.
see you on the trail o/
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How To: Make Your Own Trail Mix

Aug 7, 2015

Trail mix is a popular travel and hiking food because it is easy to eat anywhere, anytime. But unfortunately it's hard to find ready made ones and you can't control the ingredients. So I decided to make my own using readily available ingredients you can find at your nearest grocery store. 

Step 1: Choose your favorites!
Staple ingredients are dried fruits and nuts so we'll go with that. Just remember that the key to choosing for your mix is they should be dry and won't stale fast. Some people like to add chocolate and marshmallows but I don't like my mix too sweet.

Step 2: Start mixin'
Prepare 1 big bowl and a spoon to mix. Arrange your ingredients so you wont miss one. 

Step 3: Packing

I use sandwich size ziplocks. A gram weighing scale can help measure the how much you need but this is optional. You can put how much you want per pack lol
**Serving size**
My mix is usually just around 250-300 grams per pack because I don't eat a lot on the trail.

Step 4: Enjoy
I just don't eat my mix when hiking/travelling, I also eat hem for quick snacks at home or when I like something to nibble on when I work. The advantages of making your own mix is that you can choose your ingredients,control the quantity and enjoy it anytime.

me at Tinapak River after trekking Mt. Daraitan.

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Feature | Sandugo Mudtrax

Jun 8, 2015

A proper footwear is one of the most important investment any mountaineer should start with.
I have been using Sandugo's previous trekking shoe - SH1201 and it never failed me on my adventures. I survived my longest hike of 2 days using it so I knew I can trust the quality and durability of Sandugo footwears.
MUDTRAX looks and feels different from it's successor. It looks more like a regular atlethic shoe but with a stronger build.. The soles are equipped with thick and deep tread grooves to promote ultimate grip. the body is a combination breathable cloth and mesh and leather. Although I kind of missed the easy lacing of SH1201 since this one uses regular shoe laces I don't mind because I can change laces whenever I want. 
Me trying it out for the first time at the Farmer's Plaza Branch

Due to it's build, it it almost twice as bulky compared to SH1201 but you'll be surprised on how light it is. Since it is made for trekking and trail running, it's lightweight structure provides a comfortable hiking experience. Speaking of comfort, MUDTRAX also feels more padded and snug.
I have been using it when I jog too. Check out the luminous panels on the photo. A smart addition especially for people like me who jogs at night and for those night campers. Mudtrax comes in a variety of colors - Red, Blue, Gray, Orange and Green. I'm guessing people on Facebook already know I love green haha
I took my new pair on a series of adventures to test out it's performance on actual hiking trips. I survived trekking through musky forests, steep slopes varying from sand, loose soil and mud. Rock climbing smooth, jagged boulders gave me no problems, Although sometimes stepping on wet moss on rocks still gave me quite a slip, it doesn't take away the reality that it supported me on a much dangerous scenario. Sandugo has been promoting MUDTRAX for it's powerful grip and I should say they have the right to do so. 

I definitely recommend MUDTRAX for both beginners and experienced mountaineers. It is retailed for only 1,895 PHP, surprisingly affordable for ithe quality. Keep updated on their Facebook for new releases. 

Sandugo is proudly made n the Philippines

Reach new heights with Sandugo Sandals

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How To | Take Five While Traveling

May 29, 2015

  I am not really a tourist spot hoarder when I travel. I prefer taking my time and  choose the ones where I really wanna go and spend other days just chillin' out. 

Here are quick tips to have a stress-free time while on the road.

*Dedicate a day to slow down
We all get excited to visit new places that we only get to see on postcards or on your favorite travel blogs. It's OK to want to visit all of them but sometimes we focus too much on squeezing tourist attractions in one day that we burn out after. When planning your schedule, allot a free-day after a day of climbing up and down temples, photo-walking around the city or just furiously taking selfies behind a pretty flower vase. Take a day-off from your day-off.
Orchard Road, Singapore

*Wake up late
This is why I'm not always applicable to tour groups with strict schedules. Not needing to rush is one of the best feelings ever.

My friend snapped this inside our Hotel in Cambodia.
I sometimes sleep this way. Don't judge me.

*Find the nearest park
This is one of the best places to hang out for the day. Most city parks doesn't have an entrance fee so it's the cheapest as well. 
grab a bite and have a mini picnic.
Lumpini Park, Bangkok
Burnham Park, Bagiuo

*People Watching
Stop and sit on the gutters, wait for the time to slow down and feel like a local.
Just outside Siam Paragon, Bangkok
On the streets of Lisboa, Macau

*Ice Creams
On days of touring there will be a lot of walking under the sun, nothing else can give us a quick cooler than ice cream.
NgongPing, Hong Kong
some ice cream parlor in Siem Reap

*Do something non-touristy
Royal Pirates' Love Toxic Concert, Bangkok
Book shopping at Kinokuniya, Singapore 

Perfect place to catch up and regroup, Also time for planning with your travel buddies. 
Calea, Bacolod

*Boat rides
Scenic and relaxing
 Burnham Park, Bagiuo
Nuvali, Laguna

*Catch some Zzz's
Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng
Moal Boal, Cebu

 *Take it all in
Sunrise at Guisguis beach, Sariaya Quezon
Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte

*View + Beer = ultimate chillin'
Nam Song River, Vang Vieng

Or when all else fails... find the nearest massage chair.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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