Travel | Cambodia 2014 - Tonle Sap Lake

Feb 28, 2015

After our tour around Angkor Wat our tuktuk driver suggested if we wanted to go the the lake since it was still quite early. We said yes.

As we were heading downtown, we noticed that it was getting far.

At first we were like "this lake is kinda far compared to the map, huh."
and then after a few more miles, where we were driving through started to look really "province-y"

"damn, this lake is far!"

At last we arrived at this pier like establishment. We didn't know that IT was already the ferry terminal to Tonle Sap Lake.
Initially, we planned to go there before the trip but we thought it was too far from Siem Reap so we dropped the idea. but due to our randomness and whatever serendipity coincidence that happened so quickly we were able to go to Tonle Sap Lake without even knowing it! Cray!
After getting ferry tickets, we went down to the docks. I thought it will be like a group tour thing together with other tourists, but no. We got the whole boat to ourselves. hahaha
The driver and the tour guide are both young locals so it felt comfortable and they were funny.

They even let us drive the boat!
Yes that's me driving a motorboat in the middle of Tonle Sap river going to the great lake.
Not bad for a first timer since the maneuver was quite simple and it was thrilling!

The river opens up to the lake and from there you will see the famous floating village.
Part of the long stretch of houses and establishments. They were practically complete with temples, schools, marketplace and even restaurants for tourists.
I am standing in the middle of the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia!

The village has a struggling economy, our guide asked us if we wanted to visit the school and get to mingle with the kids and see their actual daily life and if we wanted to share a little donation. 

This is one of the classrooms we visited with very active kids!
There was no class that time so they were just playing around.
You see that murky water on the side? We saw one kid drank from there like it was the cleanest pond in the woods. It was shocking and troubling. We offered to give them distilled water as donation, it was not much but at least it would suffice for the next few days. They really need clean water.
Don't let go of an opportunity to share.
After the school tour we dropped by a floating market for a quick drink. There were souvenirs and food stalls. but what caught our attention was the live crocodile farm.
Yup a herd of crocodiles just a meter away from where we are standing.
super safe! hahahaha
This is us on the boat with the floating village at the back.
It was an amazing and eye-opening experience for the three of us.

This is why we travel.

Tonle Sap Lake and the Floating Village
Cambodia, 2014

Travel | Cambodia 2014 - Angkor City

Feb 22, 2015

Me and my friends decided to have a partial indochina trip during the holidays last year. 

Our first stop was Cambodia.
Of course Angkor City is on our to go list. We hired a tuktuk to take us to the ruins.
tuktuk rides are fun!

Walking around the ruins is so surreal. It felt like I'm in a different world.

All of the Buddha statues here doesn't have heads. They say it was stolen. 

where Tomb Raider the Movie was filmed! 

Cambodia 2014

Travel | A Weekend at Luljetta

Feb 1, 2015

Have you ever felt the need to just get away from the busy streets of the city? 

Last month me and my friends decided to celebrate our mini Christmas party at Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa in Antipolo City. It's away from the city but not that far to get hassled with travel.

Antipolo is accessible via van from Cubao. When you reach the city proper,  you can hire a tricycle going straight to Loreland Resort. Luljetta is inside the resort.

Once you're inside Luljetta you will already feel relaxed with spa music and their very indochina interiors. It felt like we're somewhere in Bali. You can avail individual services or packages that you can choose from depending on what you want to do. We got the 'getaway' package which was only P930/person (22usd) that comprises 7 hours use of selected amenities and complimentary snacks!
Learn about their rates here.
Sungka tables are set up everywhere the place for a quick game.
'sungka' is a local game using shells or stones, whoever has lesser shells wins.
I'm not really an expert so I can't explain haha

There are open spaces with benches and bamboo/wooden chairs, but there are also rooms with their own toilet/bath area. We were lucky to get there early so we got the bigger room with this awesome view

Oh yeah batik robes were given out for you to change into for full spa experience.
Cute signs to remind you why you're there- to relax.
There are regular sized pools that are not deep, perfect for children.
Jacuzzi time!
Aside from a jacuzzi they also have saunas and hydrotherapy pools. 
  chillin' like a villain.
After our dip at the jacuzzi, we were served with hot tea.
  Sagada Tea is delish!
check out ths cozy lounges to just chill out

 Luljetta also have a restaurant by the hanging gardens. 
A game of scrabble, suman(sticky rice) with mangoes and iced lemongrass tea = life
After our snack and bonding over scrabble some of us went for massage while we prepare for the sunset.

Our last activity for the day was to catch the sunset at the infinity pool!
Amazing view during the day and at night you can overlook a cityscape of both parts of Antipolo and Manila. 
Thank you for the chill and relaxing weekend experience. We are so going back!

Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa - Loreland Farm Resort
Sitio Loreland, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City