Travel | Sinulog Festival + Cebu Chillin'

May 13, 2015

Day 01
We arrived in Cebu on the weekend of the festival so the traffic was heavy and most roads were closed. Me and my friends had to get out the cab and walked to our hotel, counter-flowing the parade and the massive crowd wasn't easy. When we finally arrived at the hotel, we met up with the rest of our Cebuano friends, settled for a while and prepped for our first night out.
We checked out La Vie Parisienne - A wine bar at the heart of the city.
The architecture and decor was really pretty with all the lights and fancy music.
at the wine cellar.
Yes. People got drunk that night but we won't talk about that hahahha

Day 02
 Once the drunk kids were up, we started preparing to join the event.
We printed our own #retardconsinulog2015 tshirts to wear during the festival.
Why white? Because it looks great with paint on hahaha Paint smudging is a modern tradition during the festival. Of course we wouldn't want to miss that!

This was taken earlier that afternoon, what I looked like after the paint smudge-apalooza is far worse though. haha If you do not want to be randomly painted by people stay at home! But experiencing Sinulog ain't complete without a single paint streak on your face. It's the perfect time to let go and let me tell you panting strangers on their face on the street is kinda liberating. Everyone is cool about it so why not join the fun!
We stayed over at a local bar to chill out after that crazy afternoon. As we wait for the night parties to start.
Endless stories, Billards and Beers.
Me and some friens went out to get stuff at 7-11 when we saw this outdoor bar with soap bubbles flying everywhere. And we're like "let's check it out!" turns out it was an open party and we just need to pay 150php to get in and we also get 1 free drink. 
Best decision ever!
After a few songs, we went out to call our other friends still at the drinking bar to join us.
We party'd like animals all night!

Here's my short video of that day.

It was an endless night of music and soap.

Day 03
Well technically what's left of our day three since most of us were lazy to wake up since we slept really late in the morning post festival.
Cebuano Suman + Hot Tablea Chocolate is amazing!
We rented a hotel pool area for a swimming party! Yes we are not done partying yet hahhaha
Later that evening we visited Plaza Pino for a late dinner. 

They serve DIY pizza! You can choose what ingredients to put on your pizza!

Day 04
food. food. food. 
Lunch at Larsian!
Nothing beats freshly grilled everything!

It was an adorable afternoon of coffee at Cat Cafe PH
Later that night.
We went to the mall for dinner
and played laser tag on our last night in Cebu. My team lost hahahha 
Time to say good bye. 
Hello Mr. operator, take me back plith

Cebu, Philippines 2015

Event | Sandugo Mountain Festival

Apr 28, 2015

I was invited by Sandugo to cover and experience their event last weekend for their first ever mountain festival. I got so excited when I saw the line-up of activities so of course I said yes.
The festival was held at Basekamp, Pintong Bukawe San Mateo, Rizal. They designated a pick up area for the participants along Santolan, Pasig.
...Which I failed to follow....
I unintentionally went to a further area from the meet up and ended in Cogeo. Good thing the organizers saved me and picked me up at where I was.
note: I tend to get lost a lot ahahhaha
I was so relieved when I got on the bus and joined the group. after a few more minutes we finally arrived in Basekamp.
The event officially started upon our registration, choosing the activities we will be joining and getting our IDs. I made friends there already XD
Our Hotel accomodations that weekend.

After Settling down on our tents and finishing the registration, the first activity was the Basic Mountaineering Course presented by the UP Mountaineers
This is actually one of the reasons why I joined. I still consider myself a beginner and you never stop learning. I learned a lot on this course.
For the first half of the lecture, they taught us mountaineering management, gears, packing your bag right, hiking know-hows from planning to the day of hike.
Lunch break
For the second half, we went out for a more skill set lectures.

They taught us how to properly pitch a tent. We even got to try for ourselves. Me and my new friends were hyper we pitched more than required. Now that's enthusiasm! 
Knotting! I loved this part, I was so active in participating XD 
Aside from skills they also emphasized the proper ethics every mountaineer should have.
The "Leave No Trace" principle, which in my opinion is a very important topic new and old hikers should take in by heart. 
Ending the lecture with a certificate.
The next activity was the Adventure Race. 
They formed us into groups and raced all day doing various physical, mental and taste-bud burning challenges. (I had to eat one whole red chili guys and I don't even like spicy food!)
It was crazy, our adrenaline was high and heart rates were fast. Working with a team you just met was also a challenge but exciting. I didn't mind not winning, I joined in for the fun.
I don't have photos from this activity but this is what I looked like after.

Our complimentary dinner was served and rested for a while after that grueling race.
It was time for one of the major activity that day to start. the 12-hour endurance mountain bike race is as crazy as it sounds. The participants biked from 6pm -6am. 
We were cheering them every time a biker passed by us, they needed it.

The concert started a little late but worth-it. 
I never watch The Voice so I didn't know this man. before his set, he was just walking around with his wife and he looked so cool. When he got on the stage and sang, we were in awe. His voice and charm was warm and so good! He is Darryl Shy, a finalist from the voice Philippines.
Good night.

Day 02!
Trekking time!
I waited for this hihi
Good thing I'm wearing Sandugo haha

 It was a short trek but actually destressing. I'm thankful to the trees it wasn't that hot that morning.
Our trek was quite unique from my usual hiking trips due to numerous mountain bikers that we encounter from time to time. 
My festival friends Jay and Jess.
While we were in the woods another activity was happening back in Basekamp - the Trail Run race.
I was supposed to join this too but I guess it's not meant to be. My body is not yet conditioned to run 10km of trail, maybe soon. More training for me then hihi

  Caping off the event with the awarding for the MTB endurance race, Trail Running and Adventure Race.

Congratulations to all the winners!
They got special products from Sandugo and Pau sports spray, gift certificates, and cash prizes! 

Being the first Mountain Festival I have to say that it was successful. There are program and scheduling glitches but that's normal stuff for events especially with outdoor activities. The treatment to participants was good and I thought I would feel alone in this trip because I went by myself, but I was able to make new friends thanks to this event. The crowd was warm, competitive but friendly.

I also asked some of the antendees if this will be an annual thing, would they go again?
They said yes.
That's a good feedback if I may say.
I would like to thank Sandugo Sandals, Ms. Erl and everyone from marketing for making this happen for me. Cheers to more projects soon!

Check out my video compilation here ->

'til next road trip!

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