Review | Sandugo SH 1201

Oct 17, 2014

I have been asked by my friends if my new Sandugo trekking shoes is worth the buy.
my only answer is...YES.

When I first started hiking, I used to wear my tortured lace up boots. It works fine for me until the sole got ripped and needed repair. That is when I decided that I must get actual trekking shoes if I'll be hiking more often. 

I have been eyeing Sandugo Sandals for months especially when I learned about their recent shoe releases.
Me getting-my-first-Sandugo-product selfie haha
This is at their Farmers Cubao branch, their staff is really friendly /o/
Say hello to my SH 1201

I wore it to all of my recent hikes to give you all an insight from actual experience.

There are three things that  liked about this pair:
It's super light
The soles are thin but it is solid and with it's built in front and side grips, going up rocky slopes are simply a walk in a park.
Stylish yet functional.
It is made with leather and mesh material so it is breathable and comfortable for all day use. It also features a drawstring lace for everyone who's on-the-go.
Drain system. 
The sole has special "drains" so when water gets inside, it will just be flushed out. How cool is that!

Sandugo SH 1201 is virtually all terrain.
I went from muddy rocky slopes of Mt. Talamitam to the slippery seaside rocks of Sombrero island.

For only 1995 pesos. It sure was worth it and actually it's quite affordable compared to other international brands. Sandugo products are locally made and proud Filipino.  

I give this shoe 5 stars

Reach new heights with Sandugo Sandals


How To | Survive Your First Mountain

Sep 13, 2014

 You may either have friends who hike or even old hgh school classmates suddenly asking you to try climbing a mountain for an adventure weekend with them and your like errr ok.
But you don't have any idea how and what to prepare.

I listed down 5 reminders and to'dos while preparing the night before your mountaineering trip.

1. Research
> Look up the mountain you'll be hiking on. Check blogs and local travel sites that lists down specifics for hikers and campers. Take note the transportaion, Will you be riding a cold airconditioned bus? a boat ride? Also Check out the mountain's trail structures. Will there be uphills? Open fields? Do you need to cross a stream or river in between trails? Answering these questions will help you prepare and pack what you need.

2. Pack light. Pack right.
> Prepare the things that you need not the things you want to bring and then justifying that you need them. My tip is to go back to basics. If this is your first hike, you must be climbing a beginner mountain and will only require a day-hike. You wont be needing a bunch of pro things yet.

Remember your 3 B's - Basic Beginner Backpack
> Change of clothes. You will be sweating like a mad man on this so you need an extra shirt. also if comes a chance that there will be a river or lake. One way or another a friend will ask you to dive in. Prepare a top to bottom spare clothing.
> Small towel.
> Medication/First Aid.
> Water/Energy drink (this should be the only "heavy" thingy in your bag.
> Trail food (chocolates, energy bars, biscuits), packed lunch if you plan to have lunch at the summit.
> Toiletries, tissue wipes and sunblock
> Slippers and raincoat if it rains.
> Plastic bag/Garbage bag  for wet things and trash. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH IN THE MOUNTAINS. IMMA HUNT YOU.

Remember if it's heavy, think twice.

2. Wear the Right OOTD
>Of course you want to look cute while hiking but remember that necessity first. Dry fit shirts are perfect hiking wear because it is lightweight. Either wear a long sleeved one or buy arm wear to protect you from direct sun rays. DO NOT wear tank tops. I've seen people wear these on the mountain maybe because it light and breezy. But what did they get after? - fugly tanlines.

>Do not hike in denim oh god you wont survive even the first 30 minutes in it.
Water resistant light weight cargo pants/shorts are better.

>Hiking shoes are the best option footwear so leave your fancy basketball Nike's or special edition Perry the Platapus printed Vans back home. They will get dirty i mean really gritty dirty.
Get the right footwear for maximum capability. Specialty shoes like these are made with light weight durable materials. They have grips, and mostly are water resistant.

My Sandugo trail shoes is one of the best buys I got so far. It even have a drain system!

>You will be hiking on a mountain, so leave your fancy jewelry at home. if it's important, leave it. Because in the mountains, if it gets lost. it's lost.

>Optional accessories are UV protect sunglasses, light weight scarves and a hat - all to protect you from direct sun light and bugs.

3. Gadgets 
>You are hiking to explore the world, not the net. Leave your 10 inch tablet and other touchscreen gadgetry you have. Except for your phone of course. You will need a cellphone for contact purposes. especially if you get lost!

>Camera/Camcorder. I'm sure you want proof that you actually did it so I suggest you bring a smaller digicam. I tell you if you bring your DSLR no matter how great photos it takes you will hate it for being too heavy.
I'm so happy with my Lumix LX5 - light weight + amazing quality photos /o/

4. Endurance is key
>You are not a pro so keep a steady pace. Don't mind if your experienced friends are way ahead of you. If you need to take a break. just do. Get a decent sleep the night before and eat a carb breakfast for reserved energy.

5. Motivate Yourself
> During the hike more or less you will be mumbling these following phrases to yourself:
"I should be lounging on my couch at this time."
"Why am i doing this again?"
"Where's the escalator?"
"OMG guys just leave me here."
"I'll die in this mountain sweaty and in pain."

It's perfectly normal to feel tired and subconsciously regretting on joining this activity.
But imagine all the positive things you will be getting from this.

> Achievement and bragging rights.
> You've been sweating for the last 2 hours, hello to healthy living, goodbye extra calories.
> You drank water more than usual.
> Hey you have a new sport!
> The bonding you just have with your friends.
> Amazing view and if you're into photography like me. that's a major plus!
> Super cool top of the mountain selfie.
So if you're planning on a mountain hike anytime soon with your friends don't forget about this post. Everything here is based on personal experience so I hope it will help one way or another.

Now grab that backpack and let's go!!!!

OOTD : Sunny Side Up

Sep 10, 2014

Don't let a cloudy sky ruin your day.

bonnet - off brand / cardigan - resale / tshirt - Uniqlo / shorts - off brand / shoes - Punk Rose

Travel | Sombrero Island

Sep 9, 2014

As promise, here's the intense part two of our Anilao trip.
After our Mt. Gulugod Baboy hike we headed straight to prepare for the boat ride to Sombero island. since we started a little late on the hike, we're literally chasing the sun.

Sombrero island is a very small place with no electricity or sorts, so we aimed not to stay there after sunset. Also the guide warned us that the waves are gonna be crazy wild when we wait that late, and it'll be hard to cross back.

Sombrero means hat in English maybe because it is shaped like hat #fancy
We only got to stay there less than 2 hours but it's fine. We got to swim, shoot and chill. What I love about islands like this is the extra clear water, white sands and the feeling of distance. We can even see Mt. Gulugod from the island so that was quite a scene. I also got to meet a new friend, a dog. He was friendly, I think he's owned by the island caretakers.
By the way there is an entrance fee of 150/person and the boat ride was 200/person. the boat was around 10pax. 
Speaking of the boat ride. You will see on the video what I meant with the "intense"
 part. The boat ride going to the island was crazy. I think the driver was really rushing, the boat was lifting from the sea surface. It's not even a speedboat, it's just a regular motor boat. It felt like an amusement park ride with extra bonus of sea water all over. Thank goodness we covered our bags with a raincoat. We initially planned to just lazy around the sand and chill but since we were already dripping wet why not swim.

more here /o/ \o\ /o/

We are so going back for a full day experience.
Sombrero Island, Anilao, Mabini
Batangas, Philippines 2014