OOTD | Let Go

Jan 26, 2015

Letting go is the hardest when you personally don't want to.


Lace bucket hat and Oversized cardigan - thrift shop
White rabbit tee and bottle necklace - Forestale
Shorts - Uniqlo
Sneakers - Punk Rose

Photography by Anne Kate Pinero

Travel | The Mt. Ugo Traverse [img hvy]

Jan 23, 2015

Since I wasn't able to video record this time, I made sure I took a lot of photos.
like, A LOT of photos.

Day 0
Rode the bus from Cubao, Quezon City to Bambang, Nueva Viscaya at 11pm.

Day 1
We arrived in Bambang bus terminal at around 5am and then we transferred on a jeepney we rented going to Kayapa town proper. The driver asked us who wants to ride the topload (ridng on the roof of the jeepney). Of course I raised my hand quickly. haha
Imagine riding topload during sunrise beside a mountain cliff.
bucketlist check.

It's never too early for adventure!

After arriving in Kayapa town proper we had breakfast and bought packed lunches.
By 8am the trek officially started.

The start was crazy with continues steep assaults.
This was me during one of our breaks. whew
 We took a break in Indupit Village for lunch.
This is everyone eating lunch/resting. 
I snoozed a little after lunch to recharge and we went back on the road.
The terrain was a little easier this time with a long and cold pathway.
Careful not to go overboard, that's a cliff next to me.
Fog? Those are technically CLOUDS!

It's like driving on a stormy day, zero visibility haha 

Amazing view!

  After the cloudy path, we finally reached the area where we're camping.

 That small establishment is an elementary school in the middle of a mountain range in Domolpos Village.  We spent the night in one of the classrooms and set camp there. It was so cold and windy I'm glad we're inside a closed room. brrrrrrr

Lights out

Day 2
The break of dawn is so breath taking.
After breakfast and packing up, we resumed trek at around 5am and greeted by this amazing sunrise. 

After a few more assaults up the mountain, we finally reach the main camp.
There were alot of hikers who camped there.
Just look at them sea of clouds behind me!
Go higher!

Obligatory photo by the Mt. Ugo post o7

After resting and a few more photo taking it's time to go down!
Our trek is a traverse type, meaning we will be taking a forward path down instead of the usual going-back-to-where-you-started path. 

The pine forest trail is pure love.
We settled there for a while for an early lunch!
It was so cold that when you leave your hot coffee for a while it'll turn into iced coffee haha

My legs were giving up by late afternoon so my walk got slower. Thanks to my trusty walking stick the the guide gave me I was able to catch up. 
There are a lot of rice fields in the villages we passed by since this is their main source of income.
It was nearing sunset and we're still on the road so we readied our headlamps. By this time most of us were already walking slower with throbbing knees and legs so our trek down was really a struggle. There were still steep slopes going down and that was a nightmare for our knees haha When we finally reached Itogon Village, Benguet it was already dark so no decent photos (too tired to take photos haha). I just can't explain the sense of achievement seeng the 00 km sign I wanted to hug it. We rode the jeepney to the municipal hall to freshen up and rest.
We even received completion certificate to signify our accomplishment!

This is so far one of my best accomplishment physically and mentally. This experience gave me a whole new set standard for myself. A whole new set of confidence and drive to achieve higher goals; not just mountains but even in my everyday life. Because knowing and saying you can do it is one  but actually doing it is another. Never doubt yourself.

Special thanks to our climb coordinator - HappyFeet Adventours for the experience! 

Mt. Ugo Traverse 2150 MASL
From Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya to Itogon, Benguet.
Total of approx. 39km and two days worth of trekking.

'til next climb! Tara!
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Travel | Mt. Talamitam

Dec 17, 2014

Jump-off point: Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu (KM 83)
LLA: 14.1158 degree N; 120.7577degree N; 630 MASL
Days required/ Hours to Summit: 1 Day/1.5-2.2 hours 
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3 with steep assault (100M)

This little guy greeted us during one of our rest stops.
it reminds me of pokemons hahaha

The eager hikers. Even though we are so gonna get tanned after this! hahahaha

 Pro: Mt. Talamitan is bountiful of picturesque open fields and skylines.
Con: Less trees to cover up the sun, so don't forget those sunblocks!
When we reached the summit an ice drop vendor surprised us. How cool is that!
It's like a god'dam trophy for your achievement haha
It was really a hot high noon so the icecream was so rewarding.

Phoot session starts.
We made it!
I'm wearing Sandugo
We found a spot to rest and had a quick lunch.
I love cows
After lounging around, it's time to head back down.

We found a small stream at the bottom of the mountain so why not chill for a second.

Most of the trail is an open field so better prepare you sunnies, hats, scarves, arm warmers and sunblock to protect you from direct sunrays. Generally the trail is not difficult but the heat is exhausting. There is also a challenging 60 degree steep trail on the way to the summit but it is doable even for beginners IMO, I felt like spiderman when I did it hahahhaa it was favorite part of the hike.
The summit has amazing view of Batangas and it's neighboring terrains like Mt. Batulao. 
Check out this short video I made during this hike!

Mt. Talamitam | Nasugbu, Batangas
Philippines 2014